In a way, I suppose you could call me a prodigy. I got my start through my uncle’s photo studio when I was a kid. Learned how to use an SLR when I was 7 and never looked back. Photography was something I always knew so I majored in graphic design at OCAD. Its why my style is pretty different than my competitions. I don’t have excessive training in formal posing. I won’t be tweeking your head to get the perfect angle. I will capture those natural moments without having you do a retake. Get fast and efficient photography that can keep up with the pace of your wedding day and see the final results in less than a week. Currently I’m also working as a contracted photographer for the following studios and vendors.


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cameraSarah Thomson is the primary photographer for Treefort Photography. She has a background in fashion and boudoir photography as well. Great references and shooting record all around. Experience working in both western and culturally enhanced events. She functions as a secondary shooter for large scale events and can serve as my emergency backup in case I am unable to attend.

cameraCarla Evans is a classically trained photographer with an eye for composition. A recent graduate who’s building her clientele base but already produces the work of a seasoned pro. Capturing those subtle intimate moments and freezing them in time. To book her, simply place a request with your quote inquiry.

cameraBrittney Noseworthy is a photography student specializing in weddings looking to broaden her network. Great at feating all the little details that will make your wedding unique. Her style is very candid with a touch of attitude and allows for your personality to shine through. To book her, simple place a request with your quote inquiry.



With photography generally being one of the first vendors wedding couples hire, chances are you still have a lot of planning ahead. Here are a few contacts that I have worked with in the past and highly recommend for their quality, efficiency, and reliability.

movieTheron and Cyril Henry have been established videographers in Toronto for as long as I have. They have a similar methodology as well. High quality, efficient work at a price that people can actually afford. You’ll get a cinematography style video documenting your wedding day. Interviews with the family, record of your vows, and other highlights throughout the day all combined with music overlay to bring it all together. To learn about the services they offer, contact them at theronhenry@powerpackimages.com or 416 908 8763.

djMarcello Maiolo is one those DJs that can double as an MC. He provides entertainment throughout the reception filled with guest participation, and will be a huge help to make sure the night’s itinerary goes over smoothly. Currently he is represented through Good Vibrations DJ, Sound, and Lighting Services. To book him or get a quote, contact info@goodvibrations.ca or 905 265 0766.

djTiger8 is actually entertainment company built of 4 DJs. There setup has more of a retro feel but their musical playlist is fully versatile. Includes MC services, full equipment/speaker setup, and dance floor lighting. Their sister company, The Empire City Trading Co, is a full service lighting company and can offer custom reception lighting as well. info@tiger8entertainment.com or 1-888-959-5799.

floristBernard Thibault is a perfectionist when it comes to flowers. No two bridal bouquets are ever the same and he’s constantly experimenting with new techniques to make sure yours will be truly unique. Whether your need is bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, or even cultural floral elements; this will be one less thing you will need to worry about. Contact him at bernard@floralartistry.ca or 416 465 4311 and consider it taken care of.

floristChi Tran has been working as a wedding florist for years. She’s only recently started working independently which give her the high end quality without the high end price. Always fresh, never frozen. All her flowers are custom ordered for your wedding day with no need for refrigerated preservation. Contact her at info@rorflowers.ca or 416-845-9724 for more information.

partyKarl Chen of Unity Boutique is the go to person for bulk retail. Do you need 300 candle party favors for all your guests? Not really the type of thing you can pick up from a local Walmart in that quantity. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets. He’s also available for custom designed invitations, guest itineraries, or reception menus. Contact him directly at karl@shiftcreativestudio.com for more information.

hairLisa Herbert of Dolce Diva is a hair stylist that accommodates you on your wedding day. She’ll come to your home and do her magic while you’re still comfortable in your pajamas. Her work is great for the bride who doesn’t want a cookie cutter up-do on her wedding day. She combines pinterest inspiration with your personality to create a look that will survive a hectic 18 hr day. Contact her at lisa@dolcedivas.ca or 519 320 1720 for a quote and to book an appointment.

makeupNicole Ostonal is actually a makeup artist for the fashion industry. She has an eye for how makeup will not only look on your big day, but how it will photograph as well. The idea is providing a full day porcelain look without the caked on finish that will crack by the time the ceremony starts. Contact her at hello@nicoleostonal.com to book a trial run.

cakeMelina Lazari produces masterpieces inside and out. There was a time when wedding cakes used to be the official dessert of the night. Now a days, its become a visual showpiece that tastes mediocre and is often discarded. I couldn’t imagine Melina’s work ever being discarded. The cakes are delicious and serve as eye candy. Even if you’re diabetic and don’t eat from her sweets table, you’d still want to take one of her beautiful cookies home as a souvenir. Contact her at Melinartcakes@gmail.com or 416 820 0377.

cakeMelissa Dimech produces cakes that serve more as show stopping conversation pieces than simply desert. For most weddings, the only unique element to the wedding cake would be the cake topper. In this case, its the cake in itself. Do you have a vision the local cakery just can’t comprehend? A theme you’re trying to portray but aren’t sure of its feasible in fondant? If you can imagine it, she can make it a reality. Contact her at melissa.dimech@hotmail.com or 416 909 7137.